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RPC’s Food Fisheries & Aquaculture Department (FFA) is comprised of several disciplines in the field of Bioscience. From Microbiology and Molecular biology to Forensic DNA testing and Aquatic Toxicology, the scientists and technicians can bring a wealth of expertise and experience to help you with your R&D needs. Our scientists and technicians regularly engage in projects that employ routine testing in the course of investigations, development of new diagnostics, troubleshooting of production processes, characterization of new aquatic pathogens, development and testing of new therapeutants such as finfish and shellfish probiotics, and the development of DNA traceability systems. Our diverse skill set and experience have played an important role in helping industry to solve difficult problems that have required the development of completely novel solutions. If you have issue for which there is no solution, give us a call - we like a good problem.

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