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Analytical Services
Cannabis Genotyping    

Genotyping or DNA fingerprinting is an important tool to assist in the identification and tracking of living things, from bacteria to plants to humans. Cannabis genotyping and comparison has a variety of useful applications – identification of individual cultivars or stains, as a tool to compare unknown daughters (clones) to known mother (stock) plants, or traceability throughout the cannabis process workflow, just to name a few.

Genotyping Services
Cannabis DNA can be extracted from a variety of different substrates such as flowers, leaf, stem, or seeds. The extracts are amplified using a novel multiplex microsatellite panel designed from markers found in published scientific literature. After amplification, the samples are electrophoresed and analyzed for allele composition. Resulting genotypes are compared, and the Random Match Probability (RMP) is used to determine the probability that two samples have arisen from the same genetic stock.

Testing Options
Clients can submit multiple samples for genotype comparison, or single samples for individual genotyping.

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