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Legionella Pneumophila    

RPC is pleased to offer ISO 17025 testing for Legionella Pneumophila in potable and non-potable water samples from our laboratory in the Moncton region.

Legionella Pneumophila Testing
Legionella represent a genus of bacteria present in the environment. Legionella is commonly found in both natural bodies of water (ponds, lakes, streams) and in man-made water systems such as air conditioners, cooling towers, whirlpools/spas and decorative fountains. There are over 50 known species of Legionella with Legionella Pneumophila (LP) being the primary human pathogen known to cause Legionnaire’s Disease. Testing strategies for routine LP monitoring are an essential way to monitor proliferation of the bacteria and reduce risk of human contraction.

LP testing at RPC is employed via the IDEXX Legiolert testing platform. This testing platform is a culture-based method that utilizes a bacterial enzyme detection technology which is sensitive and specific for LP detection. The test platform provides accurate confirmation of LP in just 7 days.

Who Should Test for Legionella?
Any facility that has a cooling tower, pool or spa should routinely test for Legionella Pneumophila as a proactive measure to prevent outbreaks of Legionnaire’s Disease.

Why Test for Legionella?
Legionnaires’ disease is fatal in 1 out of 10 cases, yet it is highly preventable. Testing for L. pneumophila ensures your facility’s water safety management plan is effectively controlling risk of outbreak. Routine testing is an essential part of measuring whether a water management plan is effectively controlling a building’s risk for a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak. Accurate and reliable test results are required to understand where the greatest risks are in your water system. L. pneumophila is very difficult to completely eradicate in complex water systems, but it can be effectively controlled through proper monitoring and control measures to ensure the safety of employees and the general public.

Sampling Requirements
120ml or 250ml sterile plastic bottle (with sodium thiosulfate preservative)

RPC’s Analytical Services Laboratories hold ISO 17025 accreditation with the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and are accredited for specific environmental tests as listed in the scope of accreditation approved by the SCC. Visit the quality section of our website to view RPC’s complete scope. RPC’s Quality Management System is also certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The IDEXX LP test method is a previously validated platform. RPC scientists have verified method performance and are ISO 17025 accredited for LP testing.



For more information about Legionella Pneumophila Testing or to speak with a microbiology specialist, please call RPC’s Moncton office at (506) 855-6472.


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